A Few Of Our Favorite People

Seattle has no shortage of creative people. This is one of the reasons I love living in this city. We here at Urban Analog (UA) have had the pleasure of working with quite a few of these people over the years and I'm just feeling like I have to share some of the awesomeness with you! This is a short interview I had with Linda Walsh (LW) of Clementines & Swan Dive


Owner: Linda Walsh
Location: Seattle's Pioneer Square 310 Occidental Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104
URL: clementines.com & Swan Dive

"After an eight-year residency in West Seattle, owner Linda Walsh relocated her passion for shoes to a bright and cozy storefront in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square.

Clementines features a myriad of styles, shapes, colors and prices to accommodate even the pickiest shopper. Their products range come from all over the globe - from places as far as Spain and France to as close as Seattle and Portland."

Why we love her? Just look at her! We think this friendly, fun, & fashion forward woman is the best! She truly cares about the products she brings to market. I managed to get a few moments of her time recently and we chatted a bit about her store in Pioneer Square.

Urban Analog: What do you look for when buying new products?

Linda Walsh: I look for items that feel "fresh" in some aspect - either a new take on a heel, a fabulous color, or the use of novel materials (shoes, for example, that are made with raffia or linen) I admire small brands that have managed to make a big impact with their social media presence. I look for emerging designers who care about the planet and who use natural fabrics. I look for things that make me smile.

UA: I love that you work with up and coming designers. I would consider you a market influencer based on the brands you work with - what are some of your favorite brands right now? 


LW: Favorite new brand is The Palatines. Designed by Jessica Taft Langdon and made in LA, everything about her shoes appeals to me. The quality is amazing and the shoes are distinctively cool. I would recognize a Palatines shoe on anyone! Also in love with Intentionally ________.* Ty is one of the most creative people I know. He has the energy of 6 people! He just opened another shop in San Francisco while simultaneously running his relatively new shoe line, which has already gained a loyal following. Toit Volant is a line that will arrive in the shop late August. This is a clothing line designed and made in LA - again, the pieces are distinct but not overly quirky. I'm saving super-quirky for my 70's :)

* Pronounced intentionally blank

UA: What excites you about fashion in Seattle?

LW: I love how we morph from winter to spring - emerging from boots, leggings and fleece to the romance of spring. Oh color, how we missed thee :) Well I guess that that is what excites me at this moment in time. Generally, however, fashion in Seattle is happening! Local designers are learning how to launch their lines using social media and pop-ups. It's so cool to see the level of creativity they bring to the Seattle scene.

UA: I definitely agree. Are there any local designers you are excited about?

LW: Yes! A. Oui, Beata Design Studio, Bauh Designs, and Lu

UA: I've been to your shop - I love it... what makes Clementines so cool?

LW: Well, thanks for saying that! I don't know if we're "cool" but we are willing to take risks - from showing emerging designers to selecting pieces that are atypical on the Seattle fashion scene (yellow suede boots for example). We are all "people-people" who love meeting and chatting with the folks who come into the shop. I believe that the conversation you get when at Clementines is as important as the product we're selling. We are all interesting individuals (if I do say so myself!) Stephanie is a playwright and actor; Pam is an amazing cook who lived on a sailboat with her husband and daughter for 18 years; and I like to read and watch Netflix - maybe I'm a little less interesting?

UA: Maybe I am biased - But I think you are all super interesting people. Thank you for your time today. Thank you for supporting all these wonderful brands - I can't wait to see what you are doing next.