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Our social media gal went viral!

First off - Congratulations to our Social media girl, Crystal - (AKA Salty-Blog), who was involved in a recent project created by youtube story tellers "CUT".  How fun is that?!

Here is what she had to say about the episode:

“While I visited Seattle, I went back to the Cut office where I used to work! Serendipitously, they asked if I wanted to be in a video, and I said Yes! I came back couple days later and Guessed in a show called Lineup. I got mic’ed and walked in. Note that talent usually have no idea what the episode is until it’s revealed at the date of the shoot. So, I was surprised when I had to match the phobia to the person. I had to stand there and experience every phobia, then guess it to the person. Thankfully, I wasn’t SUPER scared of all the phobias that was on the list.”

The episode aired a short time ago and already has over 6 million views!

Learn more about Crystal and see the behind the scenes on her YouTube Channel - Salty-Blog

BUMBERSHOOT - We rocked another year into the books!

One of the largest music festivals on the West Coast just closed a few weeks ago and we are still catching up. We work with a lot of musicians and music start-ups and getting into these shows is one of the perks of working for an awesome company.

Friday we got to hang out at one of the best Radio Stations in the country - KEXP 90.3 FM. They have probably helped launch more bands than any other company.

We came to see “Kung Foo Grip” and “Blimes Brixton with Gifted Gab”.

Kung Foo Grip had crazy energy. They ran all over the place jumping off the stage, onto the tables, and dancing in the crowd. I was impressed how they kept that level of performance right up until the end of the gig.

Blimes Brixton & Gifted Gab are two of my personal favorites. Blimes Brixton is from San Francisco and some say that she is setting the blueprint for how a female MC should run her operation. Gifted Gab is Seattle’s own local celeb - They are ones to watch (my opinion)….But you remember I said that! they are going to be huge.

New Interview with Angeline OEI coming out.

Urban Analog has some more articles coming out on Seattle’s hottest fashion designers. We met so many amazing people this summer and have been to more than our share of runways shows and pop-up events. We recently sat down with Angeline OEI for a second time to discuss her fall line-up and what has transpired since our last conversation….

But that is another story for another time... Stay tuned.

Please check out these amazing fashion designers we covered over they summer;

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