Customer Journey Maps


A customer journey board in another great tool for understanding how your clients engage your website. A Journey board - or, I suppose more accurately, a Journey Map - shows the steps customers go through when engaging with your website. (Journey maps aren't restricted to the web. However, I am going to talk about journey maps in relation to the web (since this is where I use them). And, after all, this is a tech blog.

Journey maps define all the touchpoints a user might encounter when completing a process.

I will take a quick break here to describe what I mean by touchpoints. The term "touchpoints", is jargon used to describe any interactions where customers and business connect to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions.

I think of Journey maps as visual representation of how many interactions a customer takes from the beginning to the end of a process.   Journey Maps can be project based, or feature based. Meaning - we can use a Journey map for the whole website or just a specific feature like the login process, for example.

Obviously the more complex (ie: the more touchpoints), you have, the more complicated the board will become. However, complex boards offer a lot of valuable and informative data about your end users and their journey through a website or process.

These maps are designed to help the business understand and improve your customer’s experience. The maps typically appear as a type of infographic (although there are other forms of visual communication that may be used).

The goal of customer Journey mapping, is to teach organizations about their customers and how they engage the product. From here we can make determinations about the priorities of new features and development, or where improvements can be made to existing work flow.

In conclusion, Customer Journey maps are a great way to visualize customer interaction with your website and to use that data to improve the usability process and accurately develop new features that hold value to your end users. This post is simply a very high level overview of Customer Journey Maps. There are a lot of ways in which Customer Journey Maps are, and can be, used. I hope that this has been of some service. Please Google "Customer Journey Maps for UX" to learn more about how Customer Journey maps are being used in the industry today.