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Design is my life - and life never slows down


Weekend Update July 2018

First off - I have to say thank you to #BrewYorkMusicFest for throwing a hell of a party!  The line-up was stacked with performances from - Eve 6, Drivin N Cryin, Harrison B, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, Groove Fetish, The Old Main, Eddie Cito, Out Chasing Lions, Barroom Philosophers, The NorthmeN, Patrick Sampson, Mike Powell & The Black River, Adaptor, Beaver Nickel, My Manic Mind, Ransom, Chris Lavancha, illTheory .  The event took place at Maggies on the River in Watertown NY. It was perfect weather for a festival with the exception of a few sprinkles that really did nothing more than provide some momentary relief from the heat. If you ever needed a break between sets you could wander down to the river and watch the whitewater Kayak demo that had people spinning and doing flips in the white water surf. 

There was plenty to drink & eat!

The food trucks were extremely well priced and the food was awesome: Lil TwistedOIP Pizza, Gourmet Burgers & Fried Pickles, BBQ, Simply Sweets (ice cream) 

Breweries that were featured included: Grimm Artisanal AlesSwiftwaterCaptain LawrenceGun HillOmmegangIthacaBrooklynNew BelgiumSaranacMiddle AgesCider CreekSackets HarborBarkEaterWood BoatAdirondackThree HeadsParadox, & Southern Tier.

We had fun during the sampling. We tried to hit all the booths but things got a little fuzzy towards the end.  - That's real! But seriously... We snapped some photos with the folks at Ommegang and I dove into the IPA as if I had never tried it (even though I had been drinking it all weekend.)  

Wineries: Coyote Moon VineyardsThousand Island Winery & Busted Grapes

Spirits: Lock OneOld HomeSaint Lawrence Spirits & Southern Tier Distilling

Zach Johnson back stage at 30 Seconds To Mars

Zach Johnson back stage at 30 Seconds To Mars

Music festivals, Sunshine,  Beach days & all around awesome...

While I was out hanging with Eve 6 and Driving N' Crying on the East Coast, Our Social Media Girl Crystal was kicking it with SNOOP DOGGKim KardashianDrew Barrymore, & Bretman Rock in LA at the Social Convention, and My Developer (Zach Johnson) was hanging Back stage at 30 Seconds to Mars with Jerod Letto.

WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?! How did everyone get so COOL?!

Upon my return from NY, I had a layover at a cheap hotel (that United was kind enough to charge me a discount for, after canceling all outbound flights), and ended up with the worst food poisoning of my life. SUCK! I still managed to suck it up and get myself to the Couture and Cars Fashion Show at LeMay Auto Museum in Tacoma Washington, where I met up with chany venturini and saw her killer line-up. There was some great designers walking that day.... Incuding: 

Chany Venturini (
Dawnamatrix Designs (
Designs by THOR - The House of Rose (
Swimwear Heidi Fish (
Lisa-Marie Couture (

Annxannxdesign (
Lunaversoul (
Namiko Abloom (

I also met my good Friend Gustavo Apiti at the after party. Gustavo walked in like a Rock Star and was nearly unapproachable due to all the friends & fans swarming him. Check out his coming show Les Sapeurs "Elegance in style...",,,It may be one of the last times you will get close enough to shake his hand.

That's all for now - I got to get back to work - Thanks for stopping by!

Cars & Couture Fashion Show 2018