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This week I felt like I was running around like a crazy person. Yesterday Morning I met with Tyler Real Estate group to do some more web project updates. We had coffee and built a marketing plan for the next few months. They have been working so hard. Great team of people. Check out if you are living in, or looking to move to, the NW. Also - It's a sellers market right now, but did you know that your home can actually generate more income than your job? It's crazy how fast things are growing in Seattle/Tacoma right now. There's no sign of let up so don't hold your breath for that bubble burst to be coming anytime soon. 

Also earlier this week I met down in Pioneer Square to talk to Angeline OEI (one of Seattle's hottest up-coming designers), about her Fall collection.  We got to chat about some marketing options and future collections. I just have this feeling that I will be able to say I "knew-her-when" very shortly. Have you seen her print work? Gorgeous. 

PoppySeed is another brand that is really making waves.  Owner Rebekah Adams shared an ice coffee and sun burn with us while we sat outside and chatted about what it means to start your own line and bring it from idea to completion. This is an incredible line - but don't take our word.... See for yourself!

FERAL - Designer handbags that are truly a must-have accessory for your life. These gorgeous bags, clutches, and backpacks are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 100% Premium Calf Leather Handbags ethically made in small batches by skilled American Craftspeople.  If you want one, get it while you can - Founder Shannon Fisher sat down with us to do an interview that we will share on Clementines website to promote her coming POP UP show at the store.

And wrapping the week of fantastic Fashion Designer interviews, Suk Chai - Founder of SCHAI invited us to a lecture she was giving in Bellevue on behalf of F.G.I. Fashion Group International.  (#FGIseanetwork). What an amazing organization. These people are the inside family you want to connect with if you have plans of growing your brand. We met so many amazing designers and even scored a sit down with Suk Herself. That interview will be showing next month. Suk is the type of person we just want to hang out with. She knows, or has hands on, practically everything that is making waves in the fashion Industry. 

In Non Related Fashion News - We are sad to see our friends at RAIN SHADOW MEATS closing the Pike Place location but are happy to announce they will still keep the butcher shop at Melrose Market up and running for your farm to table meats.  Go get your Sammies now while they are still open in the square. 

We are also really excited to announce that we have been working on a couple really big projects in South America. Just recently we pulled in a friend of ours, James Fox, to help us manage these new contracts. I personally am hoping to be able to spend a little working time in South America. If I can't take a vacation for a while - Let's make our job happen at the vacation places....  

Anyway - That is the news for April- May. Stay tuned for more updates soon.


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