Latest & Greatest - Marching forward in 2018

Urban Analog has really been growing our SEO clients and now that we have been doing it for over a year, I am happy to report our first client is on schedule to see 150% growth over the previous year. We have really worked hard with them and it has resulted in a 36% increase in organic traffic and a 33% increase in Newsletter subscriptions.  That is really just the tip of the iceberg but I wanted to do a shout out to the team for such a great success. The client actually fist bumped me! 

We have also recently jumped on board with a beautiful little fashion boutique in Pioneer square called Clementines. Clementines deals in Shoes and exclusive hard to find brands for women. We can't wait to get started (Mostly because the women on our team are looking to visit the shop. ) You will find Clementines store in Pioneer Square. While you are down there...Pop in to say hello to another of our clients,  RAIN SHADOW MEATS - Honestly...I can't get over how good the Lunch is! Tell them Urban Analog Sent you!

Another client we recently started working with is Consumer Opinion Services. These folks are close to my heart because the help us with our product research and usability studies. As some of you may know - My background is in UX and usability, so it is a thrill for me to be able to talk shop with the folks at COS. If you live in Seattle, Portland, or Las Vegas area and need to  conduct market research on anything from a new cookie recipe to bio-metric eye tracking on your latest mobile app, you have to call these folks. 

In other news... we are again honored to be apart of the NY Water town music festival with BREW YORK and MAGGIES ON THE RIVER. These guys work so hard to make this event happen. The line-up features some amazing talent:

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