Rain Shadow Meats is the BOMB!



Owner: Russell Flint
Location: Seattle's Pioneer Square
URL: RainShadowMeats.com

Russell Flint facts

  • San Francisco native

  • Has lived here in Seattle since 1990. 

  • Entered the Butchery industry in 1999

  • Started at Larry's Market in Seattle where he helped customers & cleaned the shop at night. 

  • Worked at Whole Foods Market for about 5 years, where he learned

    • How to make sausage

    • Cut chickens, pork, lamb and beef

    • To see the importance of naturally raised meat. 

  • While at Whole Foods, he met Renee Erickson, (owner of a small french bistro in Seattle called “the Boat Street Cafe”).  This turned into a career change and a life long friendship

  • In 2004, he became a Sous Chef for Renee. 

  • Mastered his craft at the Boat Street bistro, where he learned how to break down and utilize the whole animal.

In the early part of 2009, Renee brought Russ to what is now the Melrose Market (at this time it was still a working auto body shop).  Russ saw the potential and decided that it would be the perfect space for a butcher shop. The idea that the rest of the space would be filled with fellow like-minded food vendors seemed too good to pass up.

Rain Shadow Meats opened it doors in April of 2010 inside what is now the Melrose Market.  

A small 600 sq. foot triangular butcher shop for the neighborhood would quickly become a popular destination for many Seattle residents seeking well raised meats.  

Why we love them?

Besides the fact that they are simply masters of their craft and really believe in the farm to table movement…They feed us some of the best sammy’s that Seattle has to offer.

Russ cares a lot about the product he serves and, as such, he is involved in every aspect of the farm to table movement.