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SEO TIPS - So good I had to share

The above video is a resource I share with clients all the time. Why am I sharing a video from someone else that does SEO? Because It works.

Why Implement a blog on your site?

With a lot of our clients - their website is focused on converting users into long term customers. However, that means that people need to be able to find your website. The core of your website is designed to inform users about the products and or services you offer. It does not allow much elaboration on the “why”

A blog allows you to tell your story

A blog can help you to sell your product or services by giving you a platform to:

  • Connect more personally with your users

  • Create an emotional connection

  • Tell your story

  • Elaborate on your service in ways that you don’t make sense in your core site.

How does it work?

Let’s pretend you sell shoes. Your job is to sell the inventory on your shelves and your website is optimized to allow users to quickly sort through the inventory and find what they want. However, how do you get people to find your store? One way to gain traffic could be from writing content focused on the type of shoes or brands you carry, paired to the types of suitable use cases.


Suggestions for creating SEO for high end dress shoes for men and women.
Write a blog that highlights the designers influences and where the leather might be sourced from. How the process comes together and if it is handmade or not. You could also elaborate on the types of events or the feeling one might have in an expensive dress shoe. Include professionally shot photos of the shoes being worn by people who fit this demographic.

Suggestions for creating SEO for athletic shoes for men and women.
Write content on technical advantage that one might gain from the product. Draw comparisons using names of known athletes that endorse the product. display photos of the shoes being used in this way.

The above examples are just hypothetical suggestions about selling a product and creating that emotional connection…

…But here is why it is important

When writing your blog using the formula spoken about in the video above, you share much more in depth information with google about the types of products you carry. This type of content would be distracting as part of the purchase path but it is extremely valuable content. By adding this information to your blog you can create a story that has reach and draws on a lot of valuable keywords that people might be searching for. For example, someone searching for more information on a particular brand you carry, might not get directed to a product page from your site - but is more likely to land on a blog that talks in detail about that specific brand or product.

Brief SEO Summary.

Ultimately - Google continues to evolve their algorithms on a regular basis. However, lately, they have continued to default those algorithms towards connecting end users to articles that provide in depth coverage of the topic they are searching. By following the tips in the above video, you will potentially:

  • Increase your site visibility

  • Improve Domain Authority

  • Expand your organic reach

  • Improve your SERP (Search Engine Page Rank)

Let us know how this works for you and if you get noticeable results, be sure to thank Brian Dean and visit his youtube page or website for more information and tips on SEO.

If you would like help implementing these strategies, We are happy to help. Learn more about SEO and other services we offer.