SEO tactics for 2019 and beyond

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics for 2019 & Beyond

SEO can be intimidating. Urban Analog is here to remove some of the mystery from Search Engine Optimization and show you behind the curtain.

When does SEO start?

Search Engine optimization [SEO] ideally starts before you begin building your website. However, if you have already built your website - there are still plenty of things you can do to get on page one.

Let’s start with Domain Authority

What is DOMAIN AUTHORITY and why it’s important?

Domain authority is a metric that measures the “popularity” of a site. While popularity is not exactly the right word, it works in this example. To use an analogy - we were talking about personalities, SEO represent how cool you ARE…Where domain authority is how cool you are perceived to be by others.

Using this analogy we can make the statement that people might be popular even if they aren’t great people. In our example …. a website can be popular even when the SEO is not terrific. This is all to say that DOMAIN authority is very important in achieving the results you want.

SEO Statistics show between 70-80% of search engine users only focus on Organic Results.

SEO Statistics show between 70-80% of search engine users only focus on Organic Results.

Why is it so important to optimize my website?

Without Search optimization, it is difficult (if not nearly impossible) to maintain a good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In order to show up on page one of the various search engines, you must dedicate time each month to optimizing content and improving your website.

According to an article on MarTech - 70-80% of search engine users are ignoring the paid ads and only focusing on organic results. Of those results, more than 67% of all clicks on search Engine Results pages go to the top five listings. (This is according to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings. )

The average click through rate (CTR) for the *first position is about 19% with second position click through dropping by nearly half at 10.57%. Things are also continuing to evolve. The real-estate value of that number one position is also declining due to the increase of mobile and featured snippets which tend to drive the #1 result even farther down the page.

* Source:

Organic Ranking Signals that impact SERP

SEO Ranking Factors

SEO Ranking Factors

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?

Both services are aimed at increasing your visibility in search results. 

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

SEO is about Optimizing your website so that it is a strong "Answer" to your clients "Questions".

Search engines wants to connect users with the best possible solutions to their requests. Optimizing your site involves using the best keywords, proper web structure, relevant back links and targeted content. SEO results are also a lot more “sticky” and tend to have longer lasting staying power.

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

SEM is a PAID advertising strategy that works well together with SEO to enhance your visibility.  SEM is a little more complex but the payoff can be extremely empowering and beneficial to your organization. Through proper SEM utilization, you can learn the costs of conversion which will help you to better understand the cost of each client. This is an extremely powerful piece of knowledge.

Can I do SEO & SEM myself?

YES! Both SEO & SEM take a little bit of work to understand, however, they can be performed by anyone that is willing to learn. We find that many people fail to realize the effort required to properly conduct SEO and SEM campaigns. For this reason, we recommend considering an agency to handle your SEO/SEM needs so that you may focus on the day to day operations that made you a success thus far.

It is also important to consider the following:

  • SEO done incorrectly can damage your brand and cause you to drop off search results.

  • SEM campaigns done incorrectly can burn through thousands of dollars in a flash without landing a single qualified lead.

When done correctly, SEM is an extremely powerful way to determine the cost of conversion and return on investment. A good SEM campaign will not only empower you with meaningful conversions, it will also help your SEO, and Increase your overall brand exposure.

A Great SEO campaign can drive better click through rates, increase traffic, increase exposure, improve customer confidence, and result in more frequent conversions.

Can I Get Fast SEO Results?

Companies promising page one SERP ranking and/or "fast results" can actually cause serious damage to your brand! There is no such thing as a guaranteed result. Google is constantly changing their algorithms and they will severely penalize companies that are caught trying to “game” the system in order to get a page one listing. Unfortunately, this will likely be a penalty against your company and not the person conducting the service. These penalties cost your company a lot of money, time, and business trying to correct. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a fast route to the top.

Good News

While there is no shortcut, that doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Urban Analogs founders have spent years in the tech sector focused on building working websites that get found online. We can guarantee our dedication to your success and overall improved SERP results. We have many case studies and happy clients that are willing to share their stories of what we have done for them.

Let us help you create a foundation to grow your business on through powerful keyword integration, organic traffic, and strong linking campaigns.

Need help? Drop us a line...

We would be happy to schedule a meeting with your organization to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Get Search Engine Optimized

Get Search Engine Optimized

What is Search Engine Optimization? Why is it important?

There are a number of factors that impact your Search Engine optimization and I am going to help you right out of the bag, Here are 5 key issues that can help you improve your site performance for free. 

8 SEO TIPS for 2018

  1. Slow web pages impact your ranking: Google does not reward you for having a fast web site...It expects you to. Pages with poor load times can negatively impact your SEO ranking. In fact, according to an article by eConsultancy, 40% of people will abandon a site that takes more than 3 Seconds to load and 80% of them won't return. 

  2. Quality over Quantity: It wasn't too long ago that we were encouraging people to publish large amounts of content - Today, Google recently disclosed that it has moved it's preference to quality over quantity. This means you should actually consider removing pages from your site that offer little value, such as:

    • Pages with thin content

    • Repeat content

    • Outdated blogs and/or press releases

    • eCommerce pages that don't generate sales.

  3. Link building still exists but quality link building is key. Link building is still a solid strategy but make sure that you are linking to reputable and relevant websites only. For example, Neil Patel (Noted web guru), suggests that a good way to get inbound links from authoritative blogs is by starting with a link to them from your own content.

  4. Technical issues can kill your ranking: Make sure your site doesn't suffer from common web issues such as:

    • Broken links

    • Duplicate title/description tags

    • Missing alt text in your images

    • Bad 301/302 re-directs

    • Pages blocked by robot.txt file

  5. Write for HUMANS first and Search Engines Second: For many, this can be a difficult task. You've spent all this time perfecting your method that you forget why you are doing it. Make sure you remember who you are writing your content for. Remember the story you are telling and who you are telling it to. Content that is written for users tends to cut down your bounce rate (this is the speed at which people leave your site.)

  6. Google Analytics are important: There is a lot of great free videos that show you some of the basics on how to use google analytics. It is important to track your data and you will be surprised at what you can learn.

  7. Use L.S.I. keywords? Latent Semantic Indexing keywords - um - ok, in layman terms. LSI keywords are keywords related to the primary keyword. If your keyword was coffee - LSI keywords could be Caffeine, Mug, Starbucks

  8. Skyscraper technique: Find the best content in the industry and improve it. Write content that brings value with a focus on original content. Improve what is already out there and your content will stand above the rest.

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