Squarespace tutorial: Page type

If you know a lot about squarespace or html or even coding... this may not be for you. If you are just getting started with squarespace and are intimidated by the online HOW TO tutorials...Maybe this will help.

Squarespace Tutorial on page types:

Squarespace is a powerful tool for young businesses that may have limited funds but need a lot of functionality out of the box. We have set many clients up in squarespace and they couldn’t be happier.

In this tutorial you will learn about the different page types and how they work:

  • Standard Page template: View page creation templates and the options you can use.

  • Products: How to build your online store and manage inventory.

  • Cover page: Create landing pages for your online marketing campaigns.

  • Folders: Group content and create drop down menus

  • Album: Stream audio or create musical playlists

  • Index: Great for creating powerful homepages and Parallax or visual backgrounds.

  • Blogs: Easy to use and highly functional blog landing pages.

  • Events: Create an event calendar

  • Galleries: Image and video galleries

  • Links: Quickly and easily link to outside pages or delivery menus from third party companies like Uber Eats or other such companies.