Website tips everyone should follow in 2018

Web Design tips to help you lead the pack in 2018

Keeping your website up-to-date is paramount to healthy conversion.

Websites can be a pain to manage and maintain.

Here you are, running your company the best you know how, and business is great… but it could be better. Now, on top of the crazy hours and all the little daily fire alarms that seem to come with owning a business - You have to make sure your website is SEO friendly, mobile ready, and up to date?!

It just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We are here to help


Web tips to get the edge in 2018

We have included 5 tips below we encourage you to consider when optimizing your company’s online presence. If you do it right, you will likely have a huge head start over your competitors. Please keep in mind, this is a very high level overview and there is no guarantee to page one search ranking. However, most of our clients that are able to engage these rules see a quite notable increase in traffic and conversion.

1. Free “Must-have” web tools:

  • Google Analytics:

    This one probably doesn’t need an introduction. Most people have, at least, heard of Google Analytics. Google analytics allows you to better understand your user base. It has a bit of a learning curve to get going, however, even the simple dashboard will give you great information that is easy to understand.

    If you have the means to bring in a professional (Or take the google analytics online courses at Google Analytics Academy), Google analytics can bring in an impressive and informative amount of data collection. Over time this data becomes even more valuable as you can compare client interactions against times of year…so the sooner you install it, the better.

  • Search Console:

    This free tool from google helps you maintain the your websites health and presence in google search results. This tool works really well with google Analytics and, when connected, is a powerful tool in managing your organic presence.

  • Google Business pages

    It is my belief that google doesn’t offer tools that it doesn’t consider important. I can validate that quite easily with Google Business pages. When we first decided to use Urban Analog as our business page in early March of 2018…We did not come up at all in search. I ran 7 pages back for our desired keywords and we couldn’t be found at all. We buckled down and used what we know about SEO and Within 3 months, became #1 in local organic search and #3 overall for our top keyword. I attribute that solely to Google business pages. We didn’t spend a dime on promotion - just focused on good SEO and regular interaction with Google Business pages. I cover this in more detail in another of our blogs called “Why is "Google My business" important?” , So here I will just highlight some of the features you can manage:

    • Manage your business Address

    • Business & Holiday hours

    • Contact information (including Web URL, Email, & Appointment URL)

    • Services Listing

    • Description of your company

    • When you opened

    • Include exterior and interior photos.

    • Customer Insights (Includes how you were found, what action was taken when they found you, and where people are located. )

    • Posts

      • What’s New

      • Events

      • Offers

      • Product - AKA Buy Now

  • Bing Business Pages.

    Google Doesn’t get all of the fun. Bing Business Places is also somewhere you need to be. Surprisingly to some - Bing reports marketshare of 33% of the US market based searches. Even if that number were to be significantly smaller… we are talking perhaps billions of searches a year. That is money you don’t want to leave on the table because your being a little lazy.

2. Content Development, Blogs, and why it is now more important than ever.

In a sea of billions of people trying to communicate similar messages - You need to stand out. Google also acknowledges this by giving priority to unique content that aligns with consumers interest. This means - You want:

  • Unique Content

  • That is deemed important and/or Interesting within your sector of industry

  • That is also clearly communicated, informative, and in line with customer interest.

Sounds like a tall order - I know…but here is some tips to help

  • Quality will always score better than Quantity.
    Recent studies show that posting several blogs a month wasn’t necessary to generate higher traffic. In fact, in some cases, it could work against you. Google is looking for the best possible answer to a users search request. The studies have shown that once someone finds

  • Skyscraper techniques in SEO
    This relatively new techniques was created by Backlinko's Brian Dean. The technique is designed to create high quality backlinks. As you may or may not know - Relevant backlinks to your content go a long way to improving your SEO. In fact, It is so important, that websites with strong backlinks will often outscore and rank higher than well designed websites that technically are better designs and score better.

    Here's how it works:

  1. Before writing your blog - research popular trends, topics, and high ranking content that deals with the topic areas your business typically covers.

  2. Determine the intent of the consumer.

    1. Is it transnational (the user wishes to purchase something) Focus your content on

    2. Is it Informational (the user wishes to learn more about something)

    3. Customize your content to the desired user intent.

    (I realize this is very high level description but you can learn more about The Skyscraper Technique: (Content Marketing for Link Builders.)

3. Drive more traffic with Info-graphics, Unique images, podcasts, and video.

The aforementioned title really says it all.

  • Infographics
    A well designed info-graphic is eye-catching and breaks down complex information into consumable chunks that are easy for your reader to identify.

  • Unique High Quality images
    Original images offer up more of a soft value - but one that is both desirable and highly valuable. High quality, Unique photos, bring a sense of credibility to a brand. Users have become blind to many of the free stock gallery images that frequent the internet. In contrast - Original content stands out against this background and users report an improved brand perception for those using unique and original quality images.

  • Podcasts & Video
    When someone clicks on an organic search term and lands on a page with a podcast or video, and then proceeds to view or listen to said podcast/video, the click through + the length of time they remain on page, and/or page engagement, are all extremely valuable points towards top ranking SEO. In otherwords - you should be doing this.

4. Good Meta is still important for most websites

Meta used to be really important to successful ranking in SERP - however, like many other facets of SEO - it soon became abused. Search engines also became better and reviewing the content of a website and so meta became much less important to people seeking web optimization - however, was that a good call? Here is some truth about optimizing your Meta:

It is still “best practice” to create meaningful title tags - and rightfully so - it is the first thing the web spiders see when crawling a site and is usually the clickable link in search results. However, the real importance might be something not many people think about… Title Tags help to qualify users which, in turn, can help to minimize Bounce rate. Low bounce rate tells search engines that you have quality content.
NOTE: Title tags should be no more than 75 characters including spaces

I first want to say - I realize that this is an obsolete tag - however,
I read an article that suggested keeping keyword tags as a means of tracking which keywords you are optimizing your site to. I found that this is a really helpful suggestion and I have personally started using it. It also helps me see when my optimization is on track.

I personally think you should always include description tags.
Google no longer uses description tags for SEO value, however, while it may not directly use them they bring value in the same way that TITLE TAGS do. Description tags help to better qualify a potential user. This helps minimize your bounce rate by giving users a better understanding of how your product or service relates to their interest. In this way - I find both the description & title tags to be extremely beneficial.

5. Social Media Engagement

Social media is the go-to for improved client interaction. It tells users that your brand is active and engaged in customer relationships. Pew Research studies show that “Roughly three-quarters of Facebook users ­– and around six-in-ten Snapchat and Instagram users – visit each site daily….”
This means that Social media is a relatively low-commitment way to grow your reach, engage users, and generate valuable leads. When you are talking about 3 BILLION social media users - This is a large audience to forgo. In fact, recent study shows that 28% of users aged 16-64 turn to social media for brand research and social based influencer marketing has proven to provide as much as a 400% increase in brand awareness.

What it all means

Obviously - this is a lot of information to take in. However, it is notable to say that with a little organization and proper time management, all of this is possible for your business to action upon on a weekly basis. We are always happy to help if the workload becomes more than you care to manage, however, our priority is to help your business grow, and with these items and tools in your arsenal, you will be off to a great start.