Why is "Google My business" important?


Google “My Business” Pages

Google business pages are an excellent resource for any business, and they are easy to use and FREE TO USE.

Google business pages help your business show up on google search and in google maps. Google My Business lets you post updates to showcase:

  • What’s new

  • Respond to reviews

  • Build loyalty

  • Add photos to highlight what makes your business special.

  • And much more.

In this overview - I am going to demo some of the cool things you can do, show you where it appears in search results, and talk about why it is so important.

Google business page phone image

Controlling your information online

A big reason to use Google My Business is that it allows you to update your listing and engage with your customers from your phone, tablet and computer. Controlling your information and making sure it is accurate is extremely important. With google business listing you can update:

  • Address

  • Business & Holiday hours

  • Contact information

  • Web URL

  • Email

  • Appointment URL

  • Services Listing

  • Description of your company

  • When you opened

  • Add photos.

  • Advanced Settings.

Maintaining an accurate listing is paramount as the majority of users who see listings in map search actively buy, call, or visit the location in question. The wrong information can cost you money.


Posts are one of the coolest things you can do with your business page. Posts allow you to talk about what’s new, announce an event you are having, showcase a special offer or talk about a specific product you have for sale. I highly recommend any e-commerce store capitalize on this powerful tool. In the phone diagram you can see a sample of two posts. One is announcing a special dinner and the other is sharing information about a specific event that is happening. Your posts give customers more reasons to come back by posting daily specials or seasonal updates to your listing. In addition - You get metrics from your various posts that allow you to see which ones are working and which ones aren’t. This allows you to tune in to what your clients are actually looking for.

Each week you can create a new post and track how well they do.


Business pages customer insights

Google My Business page allows you to see some really valuable information about how people find you online. You will learn:

  • How customers find your listing

    • Direct searches: A customer directly searched for your business name or address

    • Discovery searches: A customer searched for a category, product, or service that you offer, and your listing appeared (this is also known as organic search).

    • Total searches: The total # of combined searches over a given period

  • Search queries
    Search Queries allow you to see the words that customers used to find your business.

  • Where customers find you on Google
    Learn where customers are finding you - Search or in Map, Desktop or Mobile

  • Customer actions
    The actions the customer took

  • Direction requests
    Learn where customers are when they request info

  • Phone calls
    This section displays when and how often customers called your business through your business listing.

  • Photos
    You can see

    • How you compare to competitors

    • How many photos you submitted

    • How many customer submitted photos

  • What your business is known for

    Allows customers to provide insight as to what your business is.

Google Business Pages - Summary

There are a lot more features to Google business pages that make it amazing - However - I would just like to offer this bit of knowledge. We have seen some real results within local search in a small amount of time. If you aren’t taking advantage of this tool, you can bet your competitors are. This is a really easy way to drive a lot of targeted traffic into your business.

Things to remember

  • Respond to people’s reviews - No matter how good or bad the review is - Respond. If it is a really bad review - This is your chance to turn the users experience around and improve their rating. It is much more difficult to give a one star rating to a company if the company responds politely asking what they could do to make the review better. ALSO - People who are thanked for their 5 Star review are more likely to share that experience and talk kindly about your brand.

  • Post every week - Make sure you always have an updated post - These posts really help to increase Click Through Rate. It is a great way to gauge what customers are most interested in with your online company. It also shows that things are happening and increases the likely-hood of seeing return users.

  • Keep your info up to date - Make sure your information is current. If you fall out of sync or change your hours without updating your business page, what you advertise may not agree with what is current. It is simple to keep your information updated and your users can also make submissions or corrections.

Don’t be afraid to engage - It only takes a few minutes every week and the pay off can really help your business extend its reach and grow your brand.

BONUS: Google academy also offers a cool little class on how to use their service - Check out Google Business Page Basics class