SEO Study

Brief overview of our SEO work.


Research Marketing Company

CLIENT: Research company W/ multiple locations

We were approached by the client based on a referral. They explained to us that they were working with another company on SEO and it started out ok but they were now frustrated because they weren't seeing the results. They said the monthly reports stopped coming in and the person became impossible to connect with. Their results had dropped from page one to page 2, 3, and eventually they weren’t showing up much at all on the first three pages.

Our Analysis

In order to gauge our success - We had to do an analysis of where they were. We asked them for the primary keywords and, in our research, found several other keywords that we were going to primarily focus on. In our research we saw that the client previously had

We found that the client had a long history of very good SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listings. We determined that part of the issue was the redesign that happened about a year ago and was causing some major issues. We also determined that the person who did the re-design wasn’t versed in Search Optimization.

Existing Issues on clients web site:

  • The website had dropped off on their primary keywords losing several pages for their top ranked keywords.

  • Their leading keywords weren’t even showing up in search.

  • The site had many broken links and orphaned pages.

  • Minimal copy on each page left it feeling incomplete

  • Duplicate copy on multiple pages.

  • Low keyword saturation

  • Missing meta content and alt tags.

  • Low page count.

  • Mostly static content

  • No blog.

Urban Analog solution  

Stage 1:

  • We fixed all the internal site issues and cleaned up the content.

  • We launched a google adwords campaign to quickly boost brand awareness and get their keywords trending on page one again. After 6 months we were able to cancel the adwords account and keep our positive SERP rankings

Stage 2

  • We began customizing content creation and incorporated a blog to expand detailed content offerings

  • We added Google Analytics, Google Search Console, & google and Bing business pages. This allowed us to track organic and paid search results, as well as, allowing us to track the health of the website. We were able to build and submit sitemaps and quickly repair broken links.

Stage 3

  • We conducted an audit of our online listings to ensure that the information was correct

  • We continued to write content and ended up doing a slight re-design of the website that resulted in a solid improvement.

How it played out

3 Months

We saw significant growth in the first three months -

  • Our adwords program had put our keywords back on page 1 in the desired markets. This boost was also helping other pages.

6 Months

Seattle office was still seeing strong boost from adwords but we no longer felt it was necessary to use our paid marketing as we were now running ads on pages we were already showing up on. We told the client to drop the adwords campaign unless they wanted to pivot and focus on conversion only. They agreed and turned the money into SEO instead.

We were able to stop the backslide of keyword positioning and with our ad campaign coupled with SEO work we significantly moved the needle for the first 6 months.

  • Users Increased 613%

  • New Users Increased 597%

  • Sessions Increased 658%

  • Sessions Per User Increased 6%

  • Pageviews Increased 973%

  • Pages/Sessions Increased 42%

  • Avg Session Duration Increased 31%

  • Bounce Rate down by 95%

  • Unique Page Views Increased 652%

12 Months

Our first year we saw significant growth and improved results with a bounce rate that was almost non existent at .7%

Our direct comparison for March of 2018 vs 2019 showed some great data.

  • Users Increased 95%

  • New Users Increased 80%

  • Sessions Increased 98%

  • Pageviews Increased 320%

  • Pages/Sessions Increased 112%

  • Avg Session Duration Increased 49%

  • Bounce Rate DECREASED by 98%


UPDATE: 11/27/18
Client saw such an increase in online traffic that they have re focused their effort from print to SEO. Currently the Seattle office is seeing between 85-95% of total traffic coming through organic search.

Update: 4/1/19 We showed a 49 percent growth in new users with 12 percent growth in returning users from the previous year. The current bounce rate has dropped from 49 percent to less than 1 percent. - The client is currently doubling down on their SEO efforts as a result of these findings.

Update: 6/1/19 Client has given us a go ahead for a new re-design. The improvements to the site are expected to double our growth.