SEO Study

Brief overview of our SEO work.

Dr Clinic

Dr Clinic

DR Clinic w/ Multiple Locations

CLIENT: A doctor clinic W/ multiple offices

When the client first reached out to us, they had been working with another company but were frustrated because they weren't seeing results. They were spending thousands of dollars and were losing money month to month. The previous company had them spending 10’s of thousands of dollars annually on radio marketing that directed people to the website. The website was broken and extremely outdated. There was no means of scheduling appointments and no means of tracking CTR.

Our Analysis

Existing Issues on clients web site:

  • The Company was spending money on marketing campaigns without means of tracking success.

  • Overspending on things that weren’t moving the needle.

  • Their website had many severe issues that needed repair in order to function.

  • Minimal copy & Duplicate copy on multiple pages.

  • Low keyword saturation

  • Missing meta content and alt tags.

  • Low page count.

  • Mostly static content

  • Not Mobile friendly

  • Not Using SSL

Urban Analog solution  

Stage 1:

  • We had to stop all spending on things that were not integral to company immediate needs.

  • We began website redesign.

Stage 2

  • Once we stopped the overspending and began site re-design we turned our attention to the offices themselves. Each office seemed to be it’s own version of the site and there was no communication or uniform scheduling tool.

  • We unified the brand throughout all offices and across all media.

  • We integrated a new scheduling tool that integrated into the new websites to allow people to book appointments online.

  • We focused marketing efforts on the primary services that paid the budget.

  • We looked for new services to offer and explore at each clinic.

Stage 3

  • We launched the website with “by-location-booking” software that allowed clients to see on the website, which services were available at which location. They could then book each service accordingly.

  • We created a women’s version of the clinic to handle women only issues.

  • We injected a blog into all the sites and blogged about issues that supported the services offered by the clinic.

  • We did a huge link building campaign and launched google ADWORD and Facebook Marketing campaigns to expand the growth we were now seeing.

How it played out

3 Months

It was a tough start. We spent a lot of time managing expectation but it paid off in the long run. We saw a massive decline in bounce rate and strong growth with the new sites performing better than expected.

6 Months

At 6 months we had doubled our traffic from the previous 3 months. We were on track to beat previous years numbers by the end of month 6.

Our average for “on page” time went from around 60 Seconds to over 5 Minutes.

1st Year

At the end of year one we had multiple links on each page one for some of our most important keywords. We managed to grow their organic visibility from under 40% to over 73%. Some of our blogs were hitting the 10 ten minute mark for time on page.

  • Pageviews increased 163% over previous year.

    Unique Pageviews increased 179.37%

    Avg. Time on Page grew by 54.32%

    Bounce rate dropped by 4%

    CTR was improved by 52% for the year

    Newsletter conversion up 33%