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Digital Marketing Fundamentals to grow your business

Digital Marketing Fundamentals to grow your business in 2019

Digital Marketing Fundamentals to grow your business in 2019

Online Marketing Fundamentals
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Online Marketing Fundamentals
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What you will learn...

After this class you will know how to:

  • Connect Google Analytics (GA) to your website: We will go over how to connect GA to your website and review and translate some of the data to help you understand some basics about how customers interact with your site.

  • Basics of SEO: You will learn site structure, SEO basics, how to improve your ranking, creating value. At the end of this course, you should have enough knowledge to improve your own listing and prevent yourself from being taken advantage of by unreputable companies.

  • Search console: Connect with Search console - Verify and connect with GA to track organic traffic. Manage your site health - View and fix issues.

  • Connect to (and manage) google business pages.  When complete - you can take a Google business page verification quiz and get a certificate

  • How to write SEO optimized blogs and content. You will learn tricks to writing SEO based blogs that work and help generate clicks.

  • How to find and fix issues with your current site. I'll show you some free tools that you can use to find errors in your current website and show you what to do to fix them - We will outline most common errors and talk about creating SEO websites (this may include basic html)

  • How to improve your ranking on local: Best practice for improving local search and why it is important.

  • Brief overview of the various social platforms and how and why they may or may not be important to your business.