Rain Shadow Meat approached Urban Analog to help re-design their website for mobile.

Rain Shadow Meat approached Urban Analog to help re-design their website for mobile.

Rain Shadow Meats - Footer image screen grab

Rain Shadow Meats - Footer image screen grab

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CLIENT | Rain Shadow Meats

Mobile redesign

2016 - We were having a lunch meeting in one of our favorite restaurants in the Seattle area. We talked to the owner about how amazing his food was and he thanked us and asked what we did. Once we told him - He asked if we could help him find a solution within budget that would allow him to have a mobile friendly website and grow his business.

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The Appraisal

The Issues:

Rain Shadow Meats had a great website but it was built some time ago and was not the least bit mobile friendly.

The Budget:

Rain Shadow is a great butcher but they were still a neighborhood company that didn’t have a lot of excess budget to spend on a re-design. With the limited budget we looked at third party CMS (Content Management) solutions that would allow the client to manage the website, while still holding on to a great deal of functionality.

The Solution:
After some back and forth between Wordpress and Squarespace, We decided that Squarespace would be the fastest solution with the lowest learning curve for a new user.


We had used Squarespace for several of our clients and find it to be incredibly powerful right out of the box.

Rain Shadow Secondary.

Study Results:

The site took about a month to get online and once completed we saw an immediate spike in growth. We attributed the spike to the fact that the site was newly improved and recently had mobile as an added functionality... However, the bounce from the new launch continued to grow, which told us that we had made the right choice.

Notable Improvements:

  • Mobile friendly

  • Improved Functionality

  • Added Menu

  • Improved SEO

  • Increased visits by 165% over previous year

  • Allowed client to sell product from the website

  • Doubled AOV (Average Order Value) from previous year.    

RAIN SHADOW MEATS - Rain Shadow Meats is a full service butchery featuring all local meats, house made charcutière, and a custom curing room

P.S. Did we mention they have some of the best sandwiches in town?!?!