Content Development

Content is paramount to growing your audience.

One of the things many of our clients dread, is creating content. All of our clients know that blogs and solid content are important to growing their traffic, however, few have time to dedicate to building keyword rich content that is both relevant, optimized for seo, and designed to grow your network and convert users. Urban Analog offers content development contracts that start as low as $500 a month and will help you grow your user base and improve your organic Reach.

78% of consumer prefer to learn about a brand through content over ads

Recent studies show that content marketing generates up to 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing.

Creating Unique content focused on trending topics.

Our process to creating unique content involves us following trending conversations in the online world, researching relevant content that applies to your organization, and developing unique content based on those industry topics. Our writers then create blogs optimized to SEO specifications, but in a voice that aligns with your values.

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Conversion rates increase by 3 times over traditional marketing
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