"New Leaf Bistro has been working with David of Urban Analog since our restaurant opening. He has made all of the web work, updates and coordination just seamless! It has been a great pleasure to work with him. He's responsive and very personable. We're so glad to have stumbled upon him! Great attitude, great ideas and so easy going. That's exactly what we were looking for; someone easy to work with."

~ Phui Cooper | New Leaf Bistro


How would we ever be effective if we didn't take the time to listen? We want to understand your business so that we can better help you achieve your goals. Tell us where your friction points are, what your long term goals look like...let us work together to accomplish those tasks in a way that fits your budget and exceeds expectation.


We know that design is more than just pretty colors on a page. It is the company voice. We want to represent you in every aspect of your business by translating the voice of your online brand into a visual display that represents you in every way. From typography, to content development - Let us help you refine your vision into something that is not only beautiful, but also effective at converting customers..


No matter how beautiful the site is - If it doesn't work - It's no good. Our founders have over a decade of experience in user testing for some of the largest brands in the country. We can help you understand the way in which your users actually interact with your site. Usability will help you maximize efficiency, improve conversion. & avoid spending money on functionality that the users don't want or need.         


Some may think of this as the point where the journey ends... We see this as just the beginning. Your competition won't rest, and neither will we...UrbanAnalog offers a number of services that extend beyond launch in order to help you achieve your business goals. We customize each contract to your exacting needs and budget. Don't wait - schedule a meeting today and learn how we can help your business grow.