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Social Engagement is one of best ways to build brand loyalty, grow customer relationships, and gain user based feedback about your product and/or services. In 2019, Social media is being seen as more and more crucial to a successful marketing campaign. At last check - over 88% of US companies are currently engaging social media as part of their marketing strategy.

Urban Analog is here to help you with your social media engagement and marketing needs.

What is Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement covers everything from social management to Social Marketing. Let us take a lot of the weight off your shoulders.

We connect with your social audience in a way designed to engage your user base. We increase traffic and grow your audience over multiple platforms. In addition, we also work as a first line of Q&A for your brand so that you can focus on running your business and not answering questions that can be answered elsewhere. Any user engagement that requires a more “in-depth knowledge” of your products or service, is then escalated to the appropriate person so that you are only answering questions that require your specific attention.

Social media marketing is more than boosting your facebook post. Do you know what it takes to convert your fans into customers?

In the age of social media, it’s hard to keep up with trends regardless of what industry you are in. In the world of influencer marketing and carefully curated grids on Instagram, it’s hard to feel adequate when you post an unedited picture. Even authenticity has a “vibe” and a filter on all social media platforms. So how do you catch up? Let Urban Analog help you grow your social network and increase brand awareness in the social space.


3 Social Media tips to get you started:

Be genuine

There are definitely questions I ask my clients before I try to capture their voice in social media. Being genuine in social media is capturing a heightened sense of self. A good friend of mine told me that I should find inspiration in myself rather than finding inspiration in others. Do that for you and explore within before you start looking for things to be inspired by. What colors make you want to get up and create?

Be consistent

Hashtags are hard and algorithms are wack. Social media changes everyday so there’s no reason for you to find “best practices.” The most important thing is to be consistent. If you make a commitment to post everyday then do that and stick to it.

Keep them engaged

Try to build as many non passive followers as possible. Ask them questions and ask your followers what they think about new platforms. Eventually you will need your followers to do something like subscribing to your email list. Keep your end goal in mind and ask them how they want to grow with you. Don’t underestimate the power of your online community.

We love to help businesses thrive through social media. If you would like to get some tips, schedule a 15 minute meeting consult! The consult is free what do you have to lose?

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