Search Engine Optimization Campaign...

When the client first reached out to us, they had been working with another company but were frustrated because they weren't seeing results. They were spending thousands of dollars and were losing money month to month. 

Urban Analog's SEO Analysis

We came in and did an analysis of the situation. The first issue we found was that the website itself was in major need of a repair or re-design.

Existing Issues on clients web site:

  • Not mobile friendly
  • Contained numerous broken links
  • Spelling errors
  • Poor grammar
  • Incomplete information.
  • Sloppy Code

Next, we looked at how the client was spending their money and what they were being offered in exchange.  It appeared that the client was spending thousands on radio advertisement and word optimization without fixing the underlying issues in the site. The SEO reports the client was getting from their existing team contained no real data to support the claims being made.

Urban Analog offered a solution  

Stage one:

We sat down with the client and convinced them to suspend their existing SEO campaign spend until we could fix the current site issues and make it mobile friendly. We re-organized the pages into a more UI friendly layout with clear calls to action and added blog functionality.

Stage two  

Once the site was fixed, we did a competitive analysis to see where the client stood in relation to their primary competitors.  We combined all the data and put together a comprehensive report on our plan of attack.

Stage Three - The plan of attack

We provided the client the following plan of attack to boost revenue, improve conversion, and drive organic search.

  • Implemented a regularly scheduled SEO ranking report that included data to support our findings. 
  • Designed and launched landing pages for use with Google Ad-words campaign. 
  • Connected with industry influencers to expand our network.
  • Launched a social campaign to announce our new web site and marketing specials. 

Tough going at first.

Our biggest challenge was managing expectation. This was going to be a marathon and not a sprint - It's never easy telling a client that it would take a few months for real changes to begin to show.

The first month was slow but by month three we were showing dramatic growth and a decline in bounce rate . By the half year mark we had nearly doubled traffic and expanded our 1st page keyword listing. Our average time on page was over 5 Minutes for our most popular services and blogs. By 9 Months we had beat our #1 competitor for our top keywords and, in some cases, appeared multiple times on page one. We even out ranked our strategic partners for their own keywords

The overview of the last year working with this client we grew their organic traffic from low 40% to over 73%. Because the site was now mobile friendly, we could see that nearly half of our total traffic was coming mobile first and our average time on page was about 5 Minutes with some of our blogs exceeding 10 minutes.