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You'll never get a high pressure sale from Urban Analog...

If we’re not a good fit for your organization, we’re happy to recommend agencies that will better suit your needs.

We know we have an amazing team of players, and a proven track record to go with it. However, sometimes that’s not enough. Our goal is always your success. If you feel we’re not the right fit, we have a huge network of certified professionals that we are happy to refer you to.

Our business model is based on a personal touch. That means we absolutely must maintain good relationships with all of our clients. Without that relationship, communication can break down and we can't do the kind of job that has kept us around the last decade. Urban Analog is a small agile web agency. Our consultations are free, our prices are fair, and we live to help our clients achieve their goals. 


Web Development & CMS

A website is often the first experience people have with your brand. In today's world, the technology is constantly evolving.

Did you know?

More than 70% of people's first interaction with a website comes "Mobile First". If your site is not fast to load and easy to use, you will lose that user.

Urban Analog has been building websites for years. We specialize in:

  • Usability and information architecture
  • Building full service custom solutions
  • The latest web technologies and frameworks
  • Comprehensive user studies and research.
  • Implementating and installaing Content Management Systems [aka:CMS] such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify Magento, etc.

We have a history of building websites that work

 We are proud to have been involved in the Ecuadorian conference with Big Design Latin America

SEO & Search Optimization

Search optimization is paramount to a successful business campaign. How are people finding you online? We have been helping companies with SEO for years.

Why Is SEO important?

Did you know

  • Did you know that Google no longer supports non mobile-friendly websites?
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page - Where are you showing up for your keywords?
  • Are you using the right tools to manage your website health?
  • Content vs. Quality - Do you know how many words are in the average viral blog post? more than 70% of Online marketers describe content creation as a highly successful SEO tactic. Let us help you with your content creation.

Learn more & get a Free SEO page audit


Social Media & Social Marketing

Love it or hate it, Social media is here to stay...and it is a highly influential force in how people interact with various brands.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Social Media is a great way to AMPLIFY your brand and connect with users in a way that your competitors may not be currently doing.

According to an article in Forbes magazine,

  • 81% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.

  • These same consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on those social media referrals.

Urban Analog will manage your social network and engage users on your behalf. We will increase your social footprint and connect with your audience in a voice that suits your brand. 

Social Engagement packages are extremely affordable, don't get left behind. Talk to us today. 

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Content Development

Content is paramount to growing your audience.

One of the things many of our clients dread, is creating content. All of our clients know that blogs and solid content are important to growing their traffic, however, few have time to dedicate to building keyword rich content that is both relevant, optimized for seo, and designed to grow your network and convert users. Urban Analog offers content development contracts that start as low as $500 a month and will help you grow your user base and improve your organic Reach.

78% of consumer prefer to learn about a brand through content over ads

Recent studies show that content marketing generates up to 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing.

Creating Unique content focused on trending topics.

Our process to creating unique content involves us following trending conversations in the online world, researching relevant content that applies to your organization, and developing unique content based on those industry topics. Our writers then create blogs optimized to SEO specifications, but in a voice that aligns with your values.

Schedule a free consultation with us today to see how we can help your company grow it’s organic reach and improve your conversion.

 Conversion rates increase by 3 times over traditional marketing
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Usability Architecture

Let us help your organization solve your usability issues

In about 2004, Urban Analog founder (David Wall) wrote a whitepaper on usability that launched his career. The whitepaper landed David in the usability labs at Microsoft and motivated him to begin teaching as part of the Seattle central college tech program.

For the next 10-15 years, David worked for some of the largest companies in the world as a SR level Usability Architect. His work took him through Amazon, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Disney and more.

Urban Analog has the ability to handle everything including;

  • Accessibility audits

  • Information architecture

  • Usability research

  • Wireframing

  • & more

We’re happy to share some recent case studies that we are sure will show you why our clients have us at the top of their speed dial.

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Front end development

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Content Development

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