So you need a website?

We’ve been building websites since before Internet Explorer broke onto the scene. Our team consists of professional web developers and designers that have worked with the likes of Microsoft, XBOX, Amazon, T-Mobile, Disney and more.

Urban Analog service offering

  • Mobile First development

  • Custom web solutions

  • CMS platforms such as; Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, & more

  • Web and Native app solutions available

  • Complete IDX Solutions for NWMLS real Estate clients

  • Accessibility audits

  • Usability research and design

Urban Analog is dedicated to building solutions that work.


Web Design & Development services

Your website is often the first “TOUCH” someone has with your brand. If there are misspellings, broken links, or your website doesn’t work on mobile devices, you are projecting that as part of your brand value.

Mobile First Development

Google no longer supports websites that aren’t mobile friendly. This means if your website is not able to clearly and easily be accessed from a mobile device, you will drop off in ratings.

Web packages:

We have web solutions starting as low as $3500. We also offer payment plans to help you cover costs. We know you do a lot of work to be the best company in your field of expertise…Don’t waste time or money marketing a website unless you KNOW it is the best foot forward representation of your brand.

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Mobile first Application development project for Start-up called GoodRoadNetwork.

Mobile first Application development project for Start-up called GoodRoadNetwork.

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